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Axemen hailed as Giant Slayers after defeating a previously unbeaten Burnaby Lake

What a day for the Axemen Rugby Club! Against all odds, they have toppled the previously unbeaten Burnaby Lake in a thrilling match that will be talked about for years to come.

Despite missing several key players, including their captain Neil 'The Dough' Irwin, the Axemen showed true grit and determination on the field. This was their first year in the 1st Division, and they were faci

ng off against the number 1 seed, a well-established and old club, Burnaby Lake. But that didn't stop the Axemen from believing in themselves and giving it their all.

It was Burnaby who scored the first try with their forwards driving over the line, but that was only the beginning of an epic battle. A line break from club veteran Stu Jones allowed captain Steve List to score the first try for the Axemen. And then came a true team try, with full back Blake Mahovic breaking the line after a kick and passing the ball to Ian Skuse, who passed to Michael Snook, who finally gave the ball to Gus 'The Bus' Murphy. What a sight to


Burnaby fought back and scored their own try in the wide channel, but the Axemen weren't done yet. Mark Charette took a quick tap and bamboozled the defense with his footwork, scoring the next points for the Axemen and earning himself the converted "Axeman Jersey". Stu Jones dived over from short range to put the Axemen ahead once again, but Burnaby wouldn't give up. They scored a try after a penalty kick bounced off the posts and into the hands of a waiting Burnaby player.

With just seven minutes left on the clock, Michael Snook was sent to the sin bin for a high tackle, and Burnaby camped out on the Axemen's try line. But the Axemen's defense was relentless, thanks to huge efforts from Giles Calder, Brendan 'Cowboy' Head, and Lee 'Frenchy' Foster. Burnaby kept pushing, but the Axemen refused to break.

After full time was up, the referee signaled for ten minutes of extra play time. Burnaby retained possession and kept the pressure on an unbroken 14-man Axemen. The tension was palpable, with both sides desperate for a win. But in the end, it was Axemen prop Peter MooMan who held up a Burnaby player, forcing a maul and a stoppage in play. The full-time whistle was blown, and the cheers of the Axemen could be heard all the way up the Sea to Sky.

It was a day for the history books, with many generations watching on the sidelines. The Axemen are the giant killers, and they've shown the world what they're capable of. Congratulations to the Axemen Rugby Club for a fantastic performance, and a special shoutout to Peter MooMan for ending the game with a clutch play!

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